About Us

Why Monsil?

Monsil Lubricants is well known as premium grade of lubricants manufacturer. How to define premium grade of lubricants?

Monsil Lubricants is born to aim the market of high quality premium lubricants. In order to achieve our aim, our products have undergone countless research and development in decades and not only that, our products are only made by first class base stocks and high quality additives.

Our advanced and stringent quality control production system and state of the art research and development facilities, made every single product meet or exceed international quality standards, such as those set by API, ACEA, ASTM, BS, JASO, ILSA, ISO and more.


Every day, we work full of enthusiasm to make sure your confidence in our brand is justified. Thanks to our strong corporate identity, we always base our actions on our values. Team spirit takes center stage: we ensure optimum working conditions and thereby create a climate for creativity, innovation and social fairness. As far as we are concerned, ambition and pragmatism always go hand in hand. And we feel that success is always maintained by caring about one another.

Monsil scientific and technological research:

Every product of Monsil Lubricants is undergone countless tests and research before it is launched. We collect data from the track and site then bring back to our Monsil Laboratory to do further analysis and research in order to improve the quality and as well as performance consistency.


Products of Monsil Lubricants will only be produced with the first class base stocks and high quality additives to ensure the quality and consistency.

Customers’ Satisfaction

As a global lubricant manufacturer, Monsil Lubricants is doing the best to fulfill requirements of customers. Before we launch our products in a country, we do analysis and monitoring as different country has different condition such as environmental temperature, road condition etc.

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